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Anyone use Mann's stretch 30's?

Muskee50Muskee50 Posts: 290 Deckhand
I have a few Mann's stretch 30's but seldom use them, using mainly Rapala X-rap magnums. Does anyone use these baits with success and if so , what do you catch with them? How fast to you troll them? Do you switch out the trebles for single hooks? Thanks.



  • waldnerrwaldnerr Posts: 1,040 Officer
    I sometimes use them for wahoo when wire line or a downrigger aren't available. I replace the OEM hooks with dublins (Mustad 7982HS) or use high strength stainless steel split rings and swivels to attach single hooks. Normal trolling speed with Stretch 30's is about 5 mph; the plugs often get "squirrely" at higher speeds.
  • bonephishbonephish Posts: 1,488 Officer
    Stretch 30's are my winter time grouper lures, I have every color. Troll them over hard bottom and structure at 4-5 mph on 65# braid and they will go deeper than 30'. I have also caught bull redfish on them.
  • Pioneer180Pioneer180 Posts: 124 Deckhand
    I have caught King, nice Dolphin and small Blackfins with my Stretch 20 mullet. Just bought an X-Rap 30 to try too. They produce.
  • sparse greysparse grey Posts: 1,751 Captain
    X2 on the grouper trolling.
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  • mjacksmjacks Posts: 152 Deckhand
    X 3 on Grouper fishing with Mann Stretch Lures. I've found some of my most productive spots with these just "aimless wandering" over hard bottom. I always troll a 30' along with a 15'. More often than not, I'll get a double hook up. BTW, I have never caught an undersize grouper using these lures. I have virtually every color they've made. They used to have a gold painted lure n both 15' and 30'. I have one (my lucky lure) that is so beaten up with no paint left that the grouper just seem to love. Every other year I'll change out the treble hooks.

    If you don't have any of these or haven't fished for grouper using this method, just try it and you'll see!
  • sharky12sharky12 Posts: 199 Deckhand
    I've caught wahoo on the 50+ size but you need a stout rod and 100lb braid to hold onto that sucker
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