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Unexpected Late Monday Afternoon Trip 9/21

Had a power failure at work yesterday around noon that forced myself and a co worker to head to Suwannee to give the late afternoon high tide a try. Start running to one of my top water spots and while on the way I see a large flock of birds diving on the water. Decided to go hit it for a second to break the ice with what ever was there. As I pull up and shut down I see lady fish and Spanish crashing. Well I cast in and get what I expected. I large ladyfish crashing my skitterwalk. My co worker hooks up also but it is not a lady, but a 20 inch trout. Hmmm. As I release my lady ladyfish about 20 bull redfish start crashing right in front of the boat. Of course you know, I was fumbling with a ladyfish and my co worker was trying to get his trout off as fast as possible but to no avail they were gone. I decided to give this a few minutes. Well the madness got better and better. There must have been 2 or 3 acres of fish busting. The trick was to wait for the large busts. I finally got one of the bull to blast my skitterwalk but it charged the boat, ran under the boat and wrapped me around the trolling motor before I could do anything about it. Then after another 20 ladyfish, My co worker gets crushed and drag starts a screaming. After a good fight, we net her, get a photo and put her back. He was stoked. I get blasted two more times by bulls in between the ladyfish but both knock the plug out of the way. Well, after 2 hours of this, are wrist are tired and the mayhem starts to subside. I am starting to think my bull is not going to happen. I say lets give this 10 more min.......and get blasted. Drag starts a screaming. I get her in for a quick photo op and send her on her way. It was an awesome way to spend the last two hours of a Monday. Never made it to any of my spots.

Co Workers 35 incher

My 37 incher


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