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Fat Albert

TgrassTgrass Posts: 204 Deckhand
It has been a long time, 8 years I believe since I was able to get an Albie from Shore. This year has been a good one and in the last 2 weeks I was able to land 16 with my best day being yesterday when I went 8 for 10.

This is the fly that I got 4 on before I lost it in the rocks on a jetty.

I then decided to to give one on my Snook flies, a Chernobyl Schminnow with bed chain eyes on a size 2 hook and the Albies ate it like candy.

The best think about Albies off the beach is they have no place to go but straight out resulting in very long runs and long fights.

The second picture shows a pile of bait as the Albie spit up it's lunch. The fly is also in the bait pile.

The is a close up of the Schminnow.

Albies in New England make people get crazy. I had a great run and next Tuesday I will be heading to my place on Sanibel for 6 weeks to chase some Snook.


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