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Finally catching fish again!

I went out after an early day of work (3:00pm), I scooped up around 1.5 dozen fiddlers and started fishing the mangroves. I could see the sheepshead were out feeding in the mangroves (gives a nice little shake shake if you watch for it). I tossed the first fiddler in and pulled a keeper sheepshead out. Had a few smaller sheepshead and some pinfish after that. After a few a black drum took the bait, easy tell is the line just starts moving along. I start reeling but the hook did not set deep, He let go at the surface. Another fiddler and another keeper sheepshead. My leader was a little frayed and I was wanting that black drum to come back so I changed it out with a fresh one. Tossed another fiddler in and waited. Line started doing the black drum thing so I waited to the count of Wham! and set the hook. Fought this black drum for what seemed like 5 min but was probably 2. Got him close enough so I could get my hands on him and he was mine. Good enough, time to head home. I was fishing for maybe an hour. It was a good day. For reference my cleaning knife in the pic is 14.75" Long tip to butt. Glad I actually have something to write about.


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