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Suddenly Cobia and a needed Snook!

9/21- Went out with Ed(reel redneck) and his wife Priscilla to try to snag a Snook or two. Was a very beautiful morning with a slick calm Gulf and we got a small Dolphin show on the way out. Timing wasn't good though as we hit slack tide which was even worse with the flat water. Had one decent blow up where the Snook came 1/2 way out of the water, but missed and Ed got a good sized Jack, but it was slow. Finally Maureen caught this 26" fish. Musta been the goofy hat! With no wind it got hot so we were heading back and I noticed a fish swimming along the surface. I steered over and as we zoomed by I saw it was a Cobia. Stopped the boat and pursued it a little with the Trolling motor to get in casting range. Put a topwater right on its nose and had an instant hookup. It was about 33", but not at the fork so back it went, but fun anyway!
9/23- Woke up at 5:30am and couldn't get back to sleep, so went Fishin'. Kinda needed a Big Snook to get some confidence back. I've had a couple trips that were stinkers, but the last 3 big Snook I've had on all came unhooked on jumps, one of them well into an epic battle where after two long runs and wrestling him out of a wad of sargasm, he just porpoised, shook the lure and I watched him swim away. Today, I got that monkey off my back in a big way with this massive 37+" fish. After saying most Snook 35" and over can't get their whole body out of the water on jumps, this one got that fat body completely out of the water a foot high twice, so I guess he proved I'm full of it. Home before lunch, but I'm putting a lot of casts in per hit lately as the Snook are not in their spring/early summer spots. Enjoy the extra fishing, but I'm starting to feel like a Musky fisherman and my wrist doesn't like it. Awesome morning though!


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