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Beautiful day on Gulf 9-21-15

Left Homosassa around 7:30am first stop marker 2, came up with a Spanish Mackerel (free lined with a frozen pinfish) and cobia, which was small but a good fight; used a 1/4 jig with live shrimp. My friend and I decided nt to go to the spots we already hit previously but try to find new ones. We then hit various areas from 30' to the various artificial reefs west of Bayport. We decided to drift until we caught anything with good size, but that didn't happen. We caught many grunts, and I decided might as well keep some. We also caught perch, blackfish, lizardfish, blowfish and others but all were small. We used live shrimp and I switch over to artificial jerk ****, when I did the action never stopped, I caught more grunts and other small fish. Anyway, It was a beautiful day yesterday calm; in the afternoon the wind picked up a little made a nice ride back.


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