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The Unexpected Bite

BHBuiBHBui Posts: 4 Greenhorn
I was reading up on Mike Holliday's article "Targeting Trophy Seatrout", and it really sparked my curiosity. As Holliday talks about trout he states "It goes from a fish that can be waterskied back to the boat on light tackle to one that will take drag." Have any of you guys ever wondered why as soon as a trout hits a specific size they start fighting like a beast. There was a day I caught 19 trout on a flat and every time I was reeling in my soft plastic I didn't even know a fish was on the end of it. Most of the time the seatrout will swim right at you.

Holliday states that the trout start fighting right around 17 inches. I would have to confirm that this is true. I hooked a 24 inch trout by some docks and it was pulling so hard I thought it was a slot sized snook. I was targeting bull reds one day at the Sebastian inlet with a Shimano Tallus with an 8000 Saragosa lined with 60 lb braid, and I had a really strong bite. It began pulling drag like crazy. I thought I finally hooked a bull, but after a few minute fight it turned out to be a 26 inch trout.

Anyways, do any of you guys know why they go from no fight to fighting like a beast? Also what are some of your stories of an unexpected trout bite.


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