Another awesome dolphin bite...big bull!

With the bad weather moving in I decided to call my buddy Conor to see if he could make a last minute late afternoon dolphin trip. Headed out of Hillsboro around 1 o'clock with a full live well. Ran out to 1700 with no weed lines and a halfway decent rip in 800 with a few, I mean few, scattered weeds. Conor said he needed to make an important call so we headed back to 800 for cell phone service. He needed the motor off so I flipped out 2 liveys and just sat quietly. Within 10 minutes there was a 15 lb bull and two cows right behind the engine. I slowly wound in both lines and both go screaming. Trying to be as quiet as possible I land the bull and cow solo flip out another livey and go 3 for 3. Conor gets off and is pissed he missed what we thought was the only action of the day. We immediately saw two frigates dropping hard on the water. After an hour of slow trolling liveys we decided to pack it in. I though ahhh screw it let's throw out these two daisy chains I made and buzz under her one more time. All of a sudden both tld's are screaming. 10 minutes later we have a 16 lb cow and a 23-25 lb bull in the boat. Went 2 for 2 after the double and the frigates vanished. We called it! Nice to know my rigging works! PM me if you want one of these. They were crushing the big ones yesterday!


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