Spots on Seats

budman47budman47 Posts: 10 Greenhorn
How do you get the little black spots off of the seats? I have used simple green and a brush with no luck.


  • rehartlinerehartline Posts: 779 Officer
    Depending on what the spots are, try a Mr Clean eraser. Worked for me when nothing else did.
  • marker116marker116 Posts: 10 Greenhorn
    I have used Soft Scrub. Brush it in straight from the bottle, let it sit on there an hour or two (in the sun if possible) wash off. Has worked very well for me. I am assuming the "black spots" are some variety of mold.
  • budman47budman47 Posts: 10 Greenhorn
    Thanks, I tried both as a trial and both worked well.
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