Another multi species day Banana River 8/28/15

Weather was perfect this morning out on the yak. Slightly overcast, water was like glass. Started the morning out chasing schools of reds making wakes and tailing. Found a nice upper slot trout in the mix along with some snook. As the sun got higher I moved to the shoreline and started catching some more reds scattered throughout. I parked for an early lunch break and kept an eye out on the water and caught a glimpse of what I thought were tailing black drum. Hopped back in the kayak and drifted closer and sure enough drum were 11am. These guys are in full force this summer. On my way back in made a pit stop at the mouth of the creek that has been consistently holding some small tarpon and pulled one out. Another awesome day out on the river - 14 reds, 3 snook, 1 trout, 1 black drum, 1 small tarpon. Here's a pic of each. Not gonna post all the reds but I'm in an online spot tournament and you can see them here:


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