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THe Bash was rigged!

THe Bash was rigged! How else could you explain how my 1.99 pound redfish and my 1.01 pound trout did not win!
THe bash was rigged to make me go fishing!
The bash was rigged to make me see and catch up with some of my fishing buds.
THe bash was rigged to help out a great family that needs a helping hand.
The bash was rigged to show the compassion of the fishing community.
The bash was rigged to make Dave, Tony, Anthony, Shel and so many more work their butts off to throw a great tournament and make a fun way for us to help a family.
The bash was rigged to make the sponsors donate some excellent prizes. (Thanks to all) !!!

Thanks to all of y'all that worked so hard to rig up a great and fun tournament. I just wish that someone could explain why my trophy fish didn't win!
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  • icemanldgicemanldg Posts: 273 Deckhand
    Great post. Unfortunately I was traveling back to Jacksonville and couldn't fish. But I did make the awards and put 350.00 in the raffle. Won a great party sandwich tray, gift certificate to mousa's, and two boat fenders. Hopefully next year they make the offshore portion stronger.
  • kajokajo Posts: 4,620 Moderator
    Thank every single one of you that came out to make this a fun successful event

    I will make a thread shortly with tons of pics

    And a huge date announcement on the next bash

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