200hp yam hpdi alarm.........need advice

redrocket1986redrocket1986 Posts: 133 Deckhand
So i just upgraded to a beautiful BC proguide 201 with a yam 200 hpdi. Runs awesome most of the time, ran perfect during multiple test runs but now for some reason alarms, sounds like overheating alarm, when i run at mid 4k and above RPM range then goes into idle mode. checked both oil tanks which are full, is pissing strong and not hot. Take the cowling off for about 10 mins and shes good to go. What else could it be? Bad sensor? Has never had this problem in the past according to previous owner. Any advice on how to troubleshoot before taking it in? The cap of the oil tank in the motor has a small crack in it, thinking maybe its pulling in too much air?
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  • finbullyfinbully Posts: 697 Officer
    I'd replace that leaking cap, pull the lower unit and visually check the impeller and its plastic housing and make sure there are no obstructions in the cowling itself (a bird nest for example). These are the cheap easy checks I would start with.

    You could take it to a Yamaha shop and have them plug it in to their diagnostic tool, which they will do for a fee.
  • smooth movesmooth move Posts: 449 Deckhand
    remove and clean the poppit valve. doesn't the yamaha gauge tell you if it's water or oil with a blinking light?
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  • redrocket1986redrocket1986 Posts: 133 Deckhand
    temp and oil arent working on gauge. just bit the bullet and brought it into a yammi cert shop. fig its a good idea to just have the full service done anyhow, water pump impellers and all. fingers crossed it doesnt end up being anything major
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