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Cedar Key 8/25

Put out early because we knew it would be getting hot. Water was already 87º. Tossed the shore lines with grubs and rattletraps. This time the rattle trap won for the red, the trout on the grub.

Cher brought in a mired of different fish, including three small puppy reds.

Not sure all this talk about no birds, as they were everywhere, especially frigate birds. Also Pelicans and Cormorants.

Lost another keeper red at the boat, then Cher added a keeper trout as did I.

Jacks were everywhere also. A scurvy looking Capt from Yankeetown told me they make good smoked dip.

Thanks Netgirl. You did a fine job today.

It got hot and with little wind, off the water by noon. Water temp 89º.

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