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Crystal River Hooked Up For Tatas Fishing Tournament 8/21-8/22

Had the hooked up for tatas tournament coming up on saturday so Friday me and Jake caught up with some old friends to go searching for areas to catch bait and check out a new area south of cr toward homosassa. Didn't much much of anything going on, found bait but the grouper and even grunts were slow. Moved up more towards the artificial reef and found some grunts and had a free line get cut a few times and another big cobia showed up. Old friends caught up again and with the fuel efficient boat we have it cost less than $20 each and we all had plenty of grunt to eat and had a good time. Had a good time talkin to nick on the forum at the captains meeting and seeing a few others.

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Hooked Up For Tatas Fishing Tournament. Caught some bait before heading out which took longer than I hoped and also got a 17in trout on sabiki! There was a ton of boats out there! Looked like the scallop grounds in 35ft! Tried trolling the usually area 27miles or so I managed a little over 8lb gag within 10 minutes. Marked that spot and fished it some not much happening again all day. Had a few get rocked and steal my pinfish. Then I caught a 4lb mango in 35ft which was awesome. Trolled new areas again looking for a bigger gag but had no luck so we headed in early to see how we would compete. It stayed on the board till 3 monster gags weighed in. 5th place was only 9lbs so we weren't too far off. Winning gag was 19lbs 2nd 17lb 3rd 14lbs 4th 11lbs 5th 9lbs

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