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8/22 hooked up for tata's tournament

nicknick Crystal RiverPosts: 4,910 Captain
Haven't posted in a while been shrimping and flounder fishing on the east coast mostly:fishing

Left out early hoping to put a decent red in the box then go looking for kings/grouper


took 20 minutes to have a limit of reds in the boat and by 8 am had a 26.75" fish. Didn't think it'd win but figured he'd place. Caught probably 20-25 reds before deciding to run deep.


Got to my area in 20-30' and dropped white bait. However my trolling attention span is lacking. After 30 minutes without a hit it was time to snapper fish.


Dropped shrimp down picking up mangos, grunts, and the occasional break off grouper. Put a few fatties in the box


Stopped on the way back in on the flat just to see if the trout were home.


Didn't place but had fun anyway. Even got to meet the anglerbros:rotflmao


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