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Awesome Couple Days w/ piner_wahoo

So we went down to the Keys for a final blast before school started up again. Our bottom fishing & yellowtailing is generally pretty productive. But we could use a little help lobstering and off shore fishing. Solution: hire Capt. Harlan Trammell for the first two days. Glad we did! Sunday was lobstering.

Met up with Harlan bout 11ish and headed out back towards Sawyer. 4th day of season with the commercial guys bailing tonnage. But piner put us on the bugs. The current was rippin. And, I was struggling. But Harlan was getting them. So I shadowed him for a spell and learned a thing or two.

I always go down with the intent to come up with a bug. Capt. Harlan drops down as many as 6-10 times with the intent of staging him right where he wants them. Then when he’s ready… bingo. Lesson learned. I got 6 - only missing one. Good day for me. We came home with 24 bugs between us. Not too shabby. Thanks Capt. When we got back to the house the mosquitos were out for blood and we forgot pictures. Oh well.

The next day was off shore fishing. Harlan says fish late. We met up about noon. He stays in contact with his fellow captains and knew right where he wanted to go. Big weed line about 900’. We stopped to check some fishy rips and a smaller weed line but Captain didn’t like the color of the water. And right about 28 miles off shore there it was. The mother of all weed lines, beautiful blue water and lines were in. Not 3 minutes later the starboard short goes off and my boy is on his first dolphin. Since this was his first we didn’t keep him on to get more. In the box he went.

Little while later Harlan says it will turn on about 3. Not five minutes later the fire drill started. We hauled 15 more in less than an hour of nonstop action. Doubles. Triples. Great fun.

Next day we decided to do it all again. This time on our own. Got another dozen. And a triple tail to boot. Nice!

Next day we figured we’d try buggin again. Had to work for them. But, we got another dozen. My boy got some too. He was stoked.

And so it went all week. Beautiful weather except the last two days. Each day capt would call to see how we did and give tips on the next day’s action. First class guy. We’d reach him on the radio when we were out and he'd let us know where the action was. Thanks Harlan. You made our week much better than it would have been. Now I know why you guide 250 days a year.


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