Green algae off Key West in Gulf

Just got back from Key West, went snorkeling for lobsters in gulf backcountry in 10 feet of water and saw green stringy algae covering everything for the mile we drifted, some coral heads completely covered and even turtle grass was covered. Still got lobsters, and saw some tropical fish and snappers so it wasn't a dead zone but wow! A lot was floating too! I never heard of this but imagine it is going to smother bottom dwellers! I live in Port St. Lucie and won't be going back till next summer so please someone go out there and take some pics and cover this story! I can't believe no one cares or I haven't heard about it on any Florida news! I will post in Fl keys section too


  • Jack HexterJack Hexter New Port RicheyPosts: 4,554 Moderator
    Happens every summer in the Gulf, some years worse than others. I call it Manatee Snot. Makes fishing hard because it covers the bait
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