Cape Horn why is ?

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In looking at some of the larger Cale Horn CC boats, why is there no in floor storage as compared to their competitors? Nice boats but the lack of any decent fish boxes and in floor storage is a real deal killer. I like everything in it's place and not stored top side on the deck! Makes no sense.


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    I am no CH pro, but I believe they do not have a fiberglass "cap". Most boats are made with two large fiberglass pieces, the hull and the "cap" which is fitted on top of the hull. CH's are just a Hull with basically a flat floor fiberglassed into that.

    I'm sure someone else will correct my ignorance and lack of correct names for the pieces, but that is the gist of what I know.
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    There is a Cape Horn Facebook page where owners post and exchange info, I'd ask the same question there. I 've had lots of boats in my 50+ yrs of boating and I recently bought a 2016 Cape Horn 17. The storage arrangement is not like Whalers, Pursuit, Edgewater, Scout, etc., boats I've owned but I am very, very happy with the strength of construction of the hull, and how it handles rougher water.

    Are you looking at new or newer hulls? I thought that in the 27' and up there is in floor storage?

    Every boat has elements that are better and worse for the individual buyer, but I have to say that I am pretty confident that, at least on the recent hulls, there is no aspect of the boat that is not well thought out. Might not be to your liking, but it probably does make sense in some fashion. I think the dealer in Stuart, FL has both a 24' and a 27' on the lot.
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    cape horn:

    their storage is a little tight - I recently modified a 24 for a gentleman - he needed a better way for his electronics to mount and he need storage inside the console - I solved both

    console mounting for electronics:
    I cut the indented area out - fabbed up some fiberglass skins and glassed the area over,inside and out
    that area was made flush with the surrounding areas - the owner installed 2 big garmin units in the space

    the forward storage well,in the console - I cut the well out of the console,fabbed up a more skins and glassed the hole,inside and out - this opened up a huge area of dry storage

    an experienced shop,they will give you some ideas of increasing storage

    a word about cape horn boats:

    I installed a 1000w titled element transducer in a 31,the hull was incredibly think - just about an inch thick.granted,thickness means little,what matters is lay up - the lay up on a cape horn is top notch !
    I fished a 31 for 2 days - we ran just about 80NM one way,the ride was impressive,to say the least ! the speed with twin F25's was excellent - I NEVER seen a drop of water hit the enclosure on the ride in or out !!
    those boats are very well built - not many hulls are built as well ! never a lot on the market for sale - ever notice that ??
    can we please stop using the word ISSUE ? it's a PROBLEM
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