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Mid August Action


Managed to find good weather and time to get out for a couple of hours yesterday. The weather was calm....but not the bugs or the fish. I am thinking there was definitely a connection there. Bugs were all over me from the time I got out of the vehicle to get the boat in the water and stayed with me until mid morning. Luckily the fish were everywhere as well.....and hungry. They were hitting everything I offered them. Being that it was the weekend and I spotted boats coming off the ramp like there was some type of tournament going on, I thought it was game over before I got to the fishing grounds. Boats were running by me in big numbers and I was afraid I wasn't going to find a fishing spot open at the lagoon. To my surprise after getting to one of the spots and finding schools of Reds all around me, I didn't run into a boat again until I left the fishing grounds (that was a miracle). Yes.....I had a great time.....and can't wait to get out there again.


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