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Rigging a Gambler EZ swimmer

I am getting back into fishing after a couple of years of working too much. I had some luck today with the Ez-swimmer rigged on a weighted hook with a screw lock, however the lock got knocked off everytime I caught a big fish. I am thinking about using the standard Texas rig next time and I wanted to know if anybody else has been successful with this style of rigging. If so what size hook and weight do you use. I fishing in a weedy lake from shore. Thanks


  • davids8477davids8477 Posts: 213 Deckhand
    I use a lot of super flukes, essentially the same as the EZ.

    I use an Owners Hook with the self centering screw and have never lost the lock.

    Generally I use 3-0 to 5-0 weightless, they are available weighted also.
  • 01190119 Posts: 155 Deckhand
    Are you saying you're thinking of using a bullet weight? The screw lock keel weighted hook is the way to go around grass and I'd avoid the weight. I have great luck getting bites with the ez but trouble keeping them hooked and loose a lot on the way to the boat.
  • davids8477davids8477 Posts: 213 Deckhand
    Yeah I also get a good number of "joy riders".

    They just hold on for the ride - weeeee!

    Secret is to let them run with it for a few seconds - not too long or the swallow the hook - not fun.
  • kmander3kmander3 Posts: 107 Officer
    The ez series of bait is pretty much my go to early morning fish in the grass bait especially this time of the year.

    As far as rigging there are really only 3 ways we ever do and as people have said the way to go with any is using a screw lock hook. For the EZ's I use a 3/0 or 4/0 and for the big Ez's I use a 5/0. I've had some of the little EZ but they don't quite make as much comotion as the the other two sizes (the big ez being the best but the size will cause you to miss a lot of smaller fish) so if I'm going smaller in the grass I'll just use a fluke weightless.

    For rigging the EZ's my go to is a weightless screw lock hook. You lose some casting distance but it gets up on the surfact a lot faster.

    I'll use the weighted screw locks if I need a bit more casting distance or in pad fields where the weight can help keep it touching the water as you pull over pads and things.

    The other option is basically to use a slither rig. I fish a lot of swim jigs with an EZ for a trailer buzzing it up top dropping it in holes sort of a faster paced flipping. However in the grass the swim jigs get fouled up a lot, enter the slither rig. If your not familiar with it it's basically a pegged smalled bullet weight over a punch skirt with the swim bait hook behind it. Pull your weight stop tight to the hook and you've basically got a more weedless swim jig. Again the idea being the skirt and weight can be used to give you extra action on the fall. This is especially good when your fishing the edge of grass. Buzz it through the thick stuff and when you get to the edge just let it fall or drop it in whole and bounce it like you would a jig in there.

    As far as colors I mainly use three when fishing them by themselves: Ice breaker, June bug, or White lightning. As a trailer I like bright copper, or lunker candy since I normally put it behind a black blue skirt or swim jig.

    As the missed strikes swim baits are going to have a pretty low hook up ratio. Part of that is small fish are gonna hit at it and just miss or not be big enough to suck it in. The best advice is to learn to give them a second or two before setting the hook.

    If you have any other questions let me know I use these all the time.
  • gray32223gray32223 Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    Are you fishing the EZ on top of water over the grass or are you letting it sink a little and pulling it through the grass? Thanks.
  • davids8477davids8477 Posts: 213 Deckhand
    I fish mainly in the Everglades canals.
    I cast from my boat right up to the shore and the reel back at a slow to moderate rate.

    This allows the lure to sink when it's free of the lilies.

    I get hits right at the shore, in the lily pads and a few feet passed the pads in the deeper water.
  • kmander3kmander3 Posts: 107 Officer
    I fish mine both ways.

    If the grass is thick or I'm just seeing a lot of active fish feeding on the surface I'm gonna retrieve it fast enough to keep it up top where it's tail is going to be making that nice gurgling sound and leaving a trail. This is pretty much the only way I fish one when I'm using it without a skirt or jig head of any kind.

    If it's sparse grass or even better pad fields this is where I will rig it as a trailer on a swim jig or rigged as a slither rig. Here where it's thick again I'll keep it near the top but if there are holes or mixed structrue I'll drop it and let it sink, and bounce it a couple times. This is a fantastic fall and spring strategy. Basically your pitching but covering a ton of water with the possibility of reaction strikes as your reeling from drop to drop.
  • JUnebugJUnebug Posts: 18 Greenhorn
    Do you still use the screw lock hook with the slither rig, what size weight do you use and do you throw it on braid or fluorocarbon line. Thanks for you input.
  • davids8477davids8477 Posts: 213 Deckhand
    I use Owners hooks with the centering wire screw thing to hold the head of the lure. Size 3 0 or 4 0


    I use braid with a fluoro leader.
  • jwthought81jwthought81 Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    davids8477 wrote: »
    I use Owners hooks with the centering wire screw thing to hold the head of the lure. Size 3 0 or 4 0


    I use braid with a fluoro leader.

    Does the wire screw help with barrel-rolling? I always have issues with this if im not using a weighted hook.
  • kmander3kmander3 Posts: 107 Officer
    I only use hooks with the screw wires for swim bait fishing and have never had issues with them spinning even with non weighted hooks (which is what I mainly throw these on)
  • davids8477davids8477 Posts: 213 Deckhand
    Yes it does help, also helps in keeping the lure positioned on the hook when you get those "tap tap tap" bites from gar or small cichlids etc.
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