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KARS park Trip?

I am going camping at the Port Canaveral park and fishing KARS park Friday Sept. 25,26,27. This is a full moon period but it is the only time I have to go so I am going to have to make it work. Question is only NASA employees can camp there right ( I have looked on the internet but nothing new is out about camping there). I have also looked for wind forecast but can't find any that far in advance. Just wondering if anyone knows the area well enough to give general advice, I have fished there before I'm good on that, just weather and can you camp at the park now. Plus if anyone wants to fish Okeechobee let me know I can help make it happen.
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  • AceDawgAceDawg Posts: 111 Officer
    I've been fishing out there just about every weekend and some weekday afternoons. You have to be a nasa employee or active or retired military to camp there unless you know a member who can get you a guest pass, but they technically have to be with you. I believe the closest other campsite would be jetty park, they charge $27 a night for tent camping. It's a short drive from Kars Park maybe 10-15 minutes tops. As far as the weather, wind has been blowing from the south, southeast and east lately with calm mornings and picking up around 9-10am. Tomorrow is forecasted calm from the northwest so I'm gonna go take advantage of it. Rain has held out till about 3pm or so. I would predict by those dates at the end of September we should start seeing more North to Northwest winds with a fall weather pattern kicking in and fronts moving down from the north, but it's hard to say. I've read a forecast the day before and it turned out to be completely wrong. You do have another launch option on the east side north of the cruise terminals off the 401 causeway right before you get to the gate to the air force base. I wasn't sure if we could launch there but I actually went to the air force base one day while I was in the area and asked if it was legal to launch there and they said it's perfectly fine, you just can't step foot on any dry land on the east shore or islands. Just keep checking the weather closer to when you go it should give you a general idea of how it will be.
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