Key biscayne -elliot spearfishing ground (exactly)

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Spending a couple years in me ole miami . Ive been in broward last
18 years. Just wanted to clear this up.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

You are allowed to spear Oceanside anywhere from key bicayne
Down past elliot as long as your offshore 100yds or so.

You need a 24in dive flag on boat.

Do you also need one in the water?

Same goes for lobster when in season?

Any help is appreciated.
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    bump. Been looking for the answer to this question as well
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    You do not need to tow a second dive flag when diving from a boat, but its not a bad idea. I was once run over by a boat doing 40 mph and i was only 90 feet from my 24 inch dive flag positioned on my boat. I was VERY lucky and was only hit by the hull and pulled my arm out of the way of the prop just milliseconds before it would have been cut off. (The boat never stopped or slowed down, but the he turned around to see what he had just hit). I believe this boater could not see my flag, since he approached my boat from down wind, In other words, only the flag's edge was visible, but in any case he should have not "buzzed" me to get a better look at my girlfriend who was climbing up the dive ladder.

    I don't believe you need to be 100 yds offshore to spearfish unless it's a public beach, fishing pier, or a bridge where fishing is allowed.

    A diver is required to stay within 100 yd's of his boat flying his dive flag. If you are diving independent of a boat the regulations change. Here is the link to the dive flag and dive buoy regulations in Florida. A dive buoy is better than a dive flag since it can be seen from 360 degrees.
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