Silver In The Air on a Blue Moon

Headed out with Adam and Bill Nast for a night time adventure out of Yankeetown last night. Bill had been telling me about Tarpon under a full moon for months, and I was finally able to join him last night, and it was everything he had said!

We pulled up to our spot and began fishing, it was not long before we had tight lines. I had the first **** on and watched it dance across moon lit night. He was a manageable 100 pounds or so, however this being only the second **** I had ever hooked, I failed to instinctively Bow to the King and off he went. No worries, the night was young.

All in all we Jumped 4 nice ****'s and Adam was able to land his first ever after a battle that lasted over an hour! The 140 pound fish refused to give up!

The tides were done after that lengthy battle, otherwise I am certain we would have hooked up several more because they were eating!

We also had some activity with several sharks, one that was clearly a monster! He just took off slow and steady! Bill said it was probably a 400 pound plus Bull or Tiger Shark the way it was going!

An amazing night out of Yankeetown under the light of a beautiful moon!


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