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Yesterday July 24th some scumbag stole my HOBIE TRAX WHEELZ off of my launch site off of 16th street in pompano. I usually always leave them by the pole on the beach and never have to worry about them bein stolen. Yesterday after a long day out in the water I come back and some POS stole them. I know they had an orange ocean kayak. I got a make and model of their vehicle as well from a few people on the beach. Just letting you know to be careful if you do launch from here because we have some theifs in our community. As for the scum who stole them I will be on the look out for you and when I see you it will be a pleasure to meet you 😉


  • drod13drod13 Posts: 259 Officer
    Sorry to hear about the cart. You left the cart on the beach while you went fishing? Not enough room on your kayak? I usually leave them locked up in my truck or take them with me on a drift. Post the info on the vehicle so we can all keep a look out. Is there any hidden markings on the cart? Might find them on craigslist soon.
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  • TuffstangTuffstang Posts: 23 Greenhorn
    Thats sad to hear. If I understand you correctly a fellow Kayaker took them? I've been using a bike chain to roof rack overnight for the Kayak and a 1/4" wire cable lock for wheels. I used the cable when leaving my harley jacket and helmet around Daytona Bike week. You never know who is templed to grab loose items. Keep positive maybe they'll turn up.
  • JanosJanos Posts: 219 Officer
    Sorry about your kayak car but wouldn't even leave my crocs at the beach let alone my kayak cart.This was a expensive lesson and show us again that we can't trust people but leaving your stuff behind when you go kayak fishing is not the safest thing to do.
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