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167 USCG Capacities

DazDaz Posts: 108 Deckhand
Hi all, I have a contingent deal on a 167 right now and am trying to find info on the "official" capacities as the boat does not have a USCG Capacities plate/sticker.

No need to opine as to the need for one or not - Some states require them and some don't. I've been doing a bunch of research into the legal requirements and have decided that for our use we should have one.

The boat is a 1998 CK - One of the JIG hulls out of Miami, (not an EGR out of NC) so I don't know if Egret would send out a replacement, and it's the weekend so we can't call until Monday. In the mean time I figured I'd try and get the info here just in case we can't get one from them and have to have a replacement made - In that case we need to know what the official capacities are.

Can anyone help with the following?
(again this is for an EGRET 167 Carbon Kevlar)

____ PERSONS OR ____ LBS


____ H.P. MOTOR



Egret 167 c/K
41' Island Packet cutter


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