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Why mess with Trail Cams..



  • Turner River TerrorTurner River Terror Posts: 7,314 Admiral
    WELL , I broke down today and did it.
    Had 2 brand new fancy models. Forget what kind but their hangin in the woods right now with 4 Gig cards and 300 new batteries in both.
    One I just threw up behind my camp on an old Trail the landowners next door Bush Hogged out a few years back to keep me from hunting the Fence line. Kinda marked His Area but it is 50 ft on My Area..Clown..:cool
    The other I put in a big Swamp on an old Skidder trail from the Cypress to the Pines. I Macheded out the trail real nice and set a Ladder Stand there also. Deer and hogs were using the Trail for years and I opened it up a bit for them. Close Quarters hunting. 2 Shooting lanes , both at 25 yards.
    Better take the AR on that Stand.
    Just hope I don't end up with 5 Thousand pictures of Hog again..:banghead
    Killin and Grillin :grin
  • RobertRRobertR Posts: 301 Deckhand
    I bought 2 moultrie cameras and put them out on my hunt club back in mid June...I pulled the cards yesterday for the first time. I only had about 240 pictures. I got some nice pictures of hog, deer, turkeys, a couple of racoon's and squirrels.. Very happy to not see any bear pictures, my last lease was full of bears. The most interesting pictures were of a 8 point in velvet hanging out with a doe and her fawn. Most of the pictures of hogs were at night. About 90% of the deer pics were day time pictures. Acorns dropping and the mid September rut will change their pattern but for now I'm glad to get a few pics!!
  • omegafooomegafoo Posts: 3,127 Captain
    Occasionally they might help you...

    This guy first stepped into this plot 12/13 last year.


    I hunted on Christmas eve and only saw a spike. Didn't hunt Christmas night and returned the day after Christmas. I pulled the card at lunch on the 26th to find that he was walking in just as I climbed down and was slipping back to the truck on Christmas eve. Christmas evening a different buck returned, except he was just before dark. After two consecutive nights of that, I decided that was where I would sit that evening. Less than 5 min before end of shooting time, the original buck stepped out


    My decision was made based on the camera for the last two days. But it seldom works out like that...

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