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Port Canaveral??

I know the storms have been bad the past 2 weeks, but has anyone been out?

Is the water still cold?

Kings at 8A?

Pogies anywhere by Port?




  • holymackerelholymackerel Posts: 232 Officer
    buddy told me huge schools in vero(pogies) should show up in week or two.8A 58 and 10' vis on last weekend.
  • SlushfreeSlushfree Posts: 32 Greenhorn
    Went out 7/18...surface temp started around 74ish (if I remember correctly), then warmed up to 79 once we got out to 80'+ and then 80-81 degrees in 130'+. We bttm fished very little, but the weights and bait weren't freezing when brought them in.
  • SeaSpySeaSpy Posts: 410 Deckhand
    Went out yesterday.
    Greenies and pogies just north of pier.
    Not thick but easy to find. You know the drill.
    Fished Pelican.

    Good bite on kings all day to + 30.
    Small jacks near surface up/down.

    A few small cobes around.

    Stay out of thick jellys and in clean water.

    Good luck.
    Ron Alford Expert Investigations & Surveillance
  • HookupAndGoHookupAndGo Posts: 201 Deckhand
    I walked across the street to the beach (from the office -- Indian Harbour Beach) yesterday, it was crazy to see the dark pods of bait moving north. What was more interesting to watch was the swimmers that were there and how the bait pod would completely envelop them. I did see one either small pod or large fish moving along too.

    Seeing that happen makes you realize what's going on with all the sharks on the beach.
  • DeHavenDeHaven Posts: 253 Officer
    Kings on live bait. I had some friends that went on Sunday and wore them out in the afternoon. Don't really have a report or I'd post it.
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