Estero Bay 10/12 & Off Wiggins 10/13

The seas were a little to much for me and my crew on Wensday this week so we checked out the action in Estero Bay , the tide was low and coming in fast , bait is still thick on the grass flats which made it easy to fill the live well . The Sea Trout are bitting over the deeper grass in the bay with good #'s and size , a live bait drifted under a float and free lined in a slow drift was the trick . The Reds had lock jaw for us but were present in good #'s but would not take anything we were offering . Wraped up the day with 7 Trout for fish nuggets and a couple of Snook releases.
The seas layed down on Thursday and it was game on as soon as we left the pass , we were greated with some big schools of tinker mackreal being chased by some real fun fish , the Bonitas are back and ready to play . Rapala stick baits with a small peice of #4 wire and a 8 lb rod set up made for a lot of fun . Bottom fishing droped off with no #'s of Groupers and Snaper being present , but the Sharks are out and ready to play released a small 5 foot Reef Shark and lost one that we could not stop or identify , I guess she did not want to play .. The Stone Crab traps are out making making more structure present , so action should be picking up soon with the Kings , Triple Tail , and Cobias soon to return . Keep the lines tight and have some fun out their .


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