The gckfa safety seminar and re-entry videos

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The Gulf Coast Kayak fishing Association held a kayak safety seminar and kayak re-entry clinic. The seminar was also filmed and made into 2 videos. The first video discusses kayak safety, gear and the law requirements. The second video demonstrates kayak re-enrty techniques and the use of the water bugs self rescue ladder.
Safety Seminar

Kayak re-entry

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  • jcanracerjcanracer Posts: 4,258 Moderator
    Very good re-entry video. Sharing with friends now.
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    Thanks for posting.
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    Self recovery is a "must" for all of us. Thanks for posting.
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    I showed my dad the video for re-entry.
    He had flipped the Revo13 he was using when he came up to visit last month, and had to learn the hard way how to re-enter the kayak. One of the things he noticed was that it was difficult to flip the yak back over using the "push" method, though I assume the gallon of water the hull had taken on had something to do with this. He said he thinks the rescue ladder is a great idea and would have saved him some time if he had had it at the time.

    BTW, I made the thread a sticky since the content is well worth sharing with all kayakers.
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    This is awesome. Thanks for sharing
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    The best thing I found useful was to tether YOURSELF to the kayak for offshore.

    Thanks for posting.
  • John McKroidJohn McKroid Posts: 1,537 Captain
    Just reviewed the video. Good to periodically re-watch to remind us of practices we need to do to stay safe.
  • RizanglerRizangler Posts: 147 Deckhand
    Thanks for this information!
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    Good information, thanks for sharing.
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    For the re-entry video, I find it much easier using the stirrup on the opposite side.

    This would be easier with a picture, but as an example, once the yak is right side up, the rope should be tied on the right side of the yak, running at a downward angle under the hull, with you entering on the left side of the yak. As you exert downward force with your foot in the stirrup, the right side is pulled/held down at the same time you are exerting topside force on the left side of the hull with your chest/arms coming in.

    Basically with the stirrup on the opposite side the hull is pushed down equally on both sides, but if it's on the same side the kayak starts to flip up towards you.

    As for the stirrup just always have a length of rope handy and tie a loop on the end.

    Everyone should practice re-entering their yak (with all the right safety precautions)

    Thanks for sharing/stickying
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    Thanks for the links. Hoping to get into kayaking and kayak fishing very soon, if wife goes along with the idea (will need to take money from landscaping budget, lol). So far she's having a great time with a pair of borrowed kayaks, so things look promising.

    Those links are a great help, as she hasn't had much experience on the water, and I haven't used paddle craft much since I was a whitewater guide (over 20 years ago).

    Thanks, again.

    BTW, we'll be talking classes ASAP.
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