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I am 46 and have been saltwater fishing since I was 11. I caught a 41 cobia on my 13th birthday while pier fishing and that was my first big fish, caught on a Penn Senator black face 4/0. The next year I got away from Penn, and never fished another Penn reel until 2 years ago.
Now my boat has almost all Penn reels. I got hooked on Penn International Lever Drag Torque 100s, they cast live baits amazingly for a lever drag are are a perfect size. I now have 8 of them.
This year I tried a Penn Conflict 6000. These reels are a beast. I could whoop 80# tarpon in 15 minutes on these reels. Super smooth drag. I'm in with Penn. I could fish any reels I want, and I am fishing Penn.

Here are 2 frustrations I have:
1. The Penn Conflict has a spool that has cut outs to rduce weight but those holes are an issue when palming the spool to apply additional drag, its easy for fingers to get caught or accidentally apply more pressure than a smooth surface would allow. This is critical in design for a big game spinning reel.

2. Penn Custom Shop does not offer smaller reel options other than the star drag torque - but does not offer the lever drag torque option. I'd like to have custom color reels but I dont fish International 50Ws for example. With braid, reels are smaller and the smaller ones need to be an option for th custom shop.


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    AlwaysAbu - those are 2 frustrations that I've heard before, so you are not alone.

    Conflict - when we update the conflict (think Conflict II) we will be eliminating the larger cut outs....while they look nice the are not conducive to palming.....noted.

    Custom shop - you could possibly see the Torque LD2 series available in Custom Shop in the next 2 years. Just curious, what colors are you looking for specifically?

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    Candy Apple Red and Purple

    I hate to point it out but the New Clash looks to have the same non palm friendly spool cutouts.
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