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Offshore Sebastian 6/26

First post here on the forums. Moved here from South Florida and have read tons of great info on learning the differences in the waters here, figured it is time to give back.

Broke the inlet around 6am Friday morning with plans on heading out to the Bethel bouy to load up on bait. Flat seas and overcast skies lead to a calm day and a break from the brutal temps of late. Saw tons of bonita busting just south of the inlet, so we spent a little time trying to hook up. Tried a few top water plugs, but only managed one in the boat. Also saw 4-5 tarpon rolling together just outside the inlet, but lost sight of them before rigs were ready.

Nice cruise out to the bouy, got there a little after 7 and there were no baits to be had. Saw a few boats who had been working the area and they couldn’t sabiki up anything either. Water was really clear and looked down to see 40 or so goliaths hanging out together at the bottom. Threw on the mask and snorkel and took a look. First time seeing a goliath in person and it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen before.

With no livies, but ballys and bonita strips, we headed out and found some weeds in 80-85. Threw out the spread and got hit by a nice bull on a green/white Williamson with a strip. Nothing else so we took off to a few big patches around 120’. Hooked up with a smaller cow on a green skirted bally and a small cuda. Also had a big sail chasing a flying fish 20’ behind our spread. Upset we didn’t have any live bait to toss at him. Ran a weedline a couple times that stretched out over a mile long, but nothing else. A 5 foot nurse shark snagged one our baits that were hanging while gaffing the cow, so I let a friend bring in his first shark (also wanted to save my lure).

Saw a few turtles that we swam to hoping to shoot a nice cobia, but nothing but remoras.

All in all was a great day. Had a couple guys on board who are new to fishing so we were able to cross off a few firsts. One of the guys has a drone and took some pretty cool footage below. Couldn't get it to upload a .MOV, so here is a link to my dropbox.


Side note: If you see a few idiots at the sandbar in a dark blue Sportsman 247, feel free to stop by and say hello.


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