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Lake Lawton Location

On Rick Murpheys Sportsmans Adventure show yesterday, they showed a map of the proposed Lake Lawton which showed the location as being on the east side of the current Stick Marsh. Other sources I have seen say the lake is going to be north of the Stick Marsh. I think Murphey's show was incorrect. Anyway,,looks like Lawton will be a cool lake with the enhancements they mentioned that are being constructed into the lake bottom.Also will be approx. 80% larger than the Stick Marsh/Farm 13. The show said they are already stocking it with bass and I believe said the lake should be completed this year.


  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 21,246 AG
    Rick M is correct....the 10,400 acre impoundment is east of both stickmarsh and farm 13. While completion is set for December...That is yet to be seen since many factors are in play. The recreation plan will be written in the 6 months after completion which will address access.
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  • wareagle85wareagle85 Posts: 164 Officer
    I havent seen the show yet, but the 10,000 acre lake east of the stick marsh/farm 13 is being referred to as Fellsmere water management area by most agencies at this time. Up north at the end of Malabar Rd is being referred to as Lawton Lake/Three Forks (includes sartori and mary a) as I understand it. Both will be new impiundments desinged for water storage and flood control, however both should develop into nice fisheries.
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