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Quick leader question

Been battling snook over on the west coast and had to upgrade to 30 and 40 lbs flouro leaders. Can I still use 30 lb leader for reds on the ML and IRL, or should I go down to 20 lbs? I'm asking because I'm lazy and my hands are still raw and have 100 tiny cuts from retying leaders and lures. And I don't want to have to change all my leaders again!


  • cseng123cseng123 Posts: 365 Deckhand
    You know what you need to do man. Fight through the pain.
  • C DogC Dog Posts: 75 Greenhorn
    cseng123 wrote: »
    You know what you need to do man. Fight through the pain.

    Damnit. My bloody hands curse you.
  • Pescatoral PursuitPescatoral Pursuit Posts: 5,065 Admiral
    Depends where you are fishing for reds. No structure, I use 17lb. Around structure, use at least 30. My experience is redfish are easy on leaders and it's more a matter of water clarity and how much pressure you want/ need to put on the fish.
  • RealSeabeeRealSeabee Posts: 583 Officer
    I use 25# and not a long leader either. If a Large Red gets your leader wrapped around or over the gill plate it will get cut if the Fight is very long.
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  • JettyparkJettypark Posts: 1,969 Captain
    If you already have the leaders tie up.... Use them...we have caught bullreds on 30lb leaders all day...oh you will have to cut some
    off from time to time... but Reds aren't that worry about leaders and they really don't try to wrap themselves around things like
    snooks do...
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  • C DogC Dog Posts: 75 Greenhorn
    In search for reds in the NIRL I hooked up with a juvi tarpon. Made quick work of my 20 lb leader. One jump and he was gone. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. Oh the painful lessons of fishing.
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