6/19 St. Lucien Inlet Offshore Report

Fishing Log 6/19/11

BTW I know its St. Lucie, **** iPad auto correct, and I can't go back and update it.

I hit St. Lucie Inlet at about 5:15*solo this morning and headed NE in hopes to load the live wells quickly. *No bait was around so I headed south BS. Nothing came up in the lights, so I had to pick them off the bottom. *As the sun came up it turned into the normal summer parking lot of boats. *I filled the live wells and headed offshore. *Stopping at Evans Crary scored me a few full stringers of sardines. *

Heading out I stopped at a wed line in 100 ft and hooked up to two bonitos and was treated to a show of porpoises as I reeled in the second one. *

Sorry Jeff I'm light on the photos today being solo. *

Not wanting to hook up a porpoise I headed for deeper water. *At 320 I ran into a hug weed line and followed it looking for other bait in it. *Seeing numerous other swimming bait I knew I found a hot spot. *3 lines went in the water and I kicked back waiting for action. I didn't have to wait long before the port line went screaming. *I follow the line around the boat luckily not getting tangled up. *After about 15 min I look down and can see the familiar stripes of our great friend the WAHOO!!!!! *As I'm fighting this monster I see another wahoo down below and before I get this one to the boat a few small dolphin are tossing my other baits in the air on the other side of the boat. *As much as any fisherman would love a wahoo dolphin triple header, I'm solo and need to focus on the line I'm fighting. *

A short 40 min later I gaff this beast and haul him into the boat.*


Now I just need to fit this guy in the ice box. *That didn't happen, so I packed as much ice around him and cover him with a towel. *I make one more drift and decide to head in. *At the dock I had someone snap a shot of me with the hoo


I stand 5 ft 10 so you can gauge the size from that . I got this monster in 320 drifting greenies and sardines, note sure which one got hit. *


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