6/19 St. Lucien Inlet Offshore Report

Fishing Log 6/19/11

BTW I know its St. Lucie, **** iPad auto correct, and I can't go back and update it.

I hit St. Lucie Inlet at about 5:15*solo this morning and headed NE in hopes to load the live wells quickly. *No bait was around so I headed south BS. Nothing came up in the lights, so I had to pick them off the bottom. *As the sun came up it turned into the normal summer parking lot of boats. *I filled the live wells and headed offshore. *Stopping at Evans Crary scored me a few full stringers of sardines. *

Heading out I stopped at a wed line in 100 ft and hooked up to two bonitos and was treated to a show of porpoises as I reeled in the second one. *

Sorry Jeff I'm light on the photos today being solo. *

Not wanting to hook up a porpoise I headed for deeper water. *At 320 I ran into a hug weed line and followed it looking for other bait in it. *Seeing numerous other swimming bait I knew I found a hot spot. *3 lines went in the water and I kicked back waiting for action. I didn't have to wait long before the port line went screaming. *I follow the line around the boat luckily not getting tangled up. *After about 15 min I look down and can see the familiar stripes of our great friend the WAHOO!!!!! *As I'm fighting this monster I see another wahoo down below and before I get this one to the boat a few small dolphin are tossing my other baits in the air on the other side of the boat. *As much as any fisherman would love a wahoo dolphin triple header, I'm solo and need to focus on the line I'm fighting. *

A short 40 min later I gaff this beast and haul him into the boat.*


Now I just need to fit this guy in the ice box. *That didn't happen, so I packed as much ice around him and cover him with a towel. *I make one more drift and decide to head in. *At the dock I had someone snap a shot of me with the hoo


I stand 5 ft 10 so you can gauge the size from that . I got this monster in 320 drifting greenies and sardines, note sure which one got hit. *


  • Captain DaveCaptain Dave Posts: 3,388 Captain
    Beautiful hoo!

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  • roweryborowerybo Posts: 2,091 Officer
    That is a sweet hoo. congrats
  • dale4fishindale4fishin Posts: 188 Officer
    wow AWSOME hoo :R :R...nice job especially solo
  • turftechturftech Posts: 312 Deckhand
    solid 'hoo!!
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  • BeermanBeerman Posts: 696 Officer
    Sweet hoo!!!! Very nice!!! Congrats
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  • juniorbaiterjuniorbaiter Posts: 139 Officer
    I had a similar "won't fit in the cooler" situation with a big king I caught on my 20 foot Scout. I sliced through the skin of the fish on 1 side from top to bottom and was able to fold it in half and get it in the cooler with minimal damage to the fillet. Nice Hoo. That would have been a money fish in one of the tournaments held yesterday. Break out the black cast iron frying pan & put the feed bag on!
  • LET'S GOLET'S GO Posts: 2,041 Captain
    Nice Hoo I bet he stretched your string. Being solo makes him pull even harder. Good work.

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  • M T PocketsM T Pockets Posts: 551 Officer
    Nice Hoo Sean!!!
  • The NickoThe Nicko Posts: 475 Deckhand
    Wow, stud Wahoo.. Looks all of 40lbs there..!! Congrats..
  • Sea EraSea Era Posts: 491 Officer
    That is one beauty, congradulations
  • PaulBoatPaulBoat Posts: 4,389 Officer
    WTG. Great catch!
  • Team TuppensTeam Tuppens Posts: 509 Officer
    Nice Job!!
  • BaggerBagger Posts: 115 Deckhand
    Nice Wahoo......
    Bagger..... :USA

  • VindawgVindawg Posts: 801 Officer
    Killer job on real nice Hoo...Especially solo. :R
  • bbenbben Posts: 118 Officer
    Thats a Stud
  • Plane Fish nPlane Fish n Posts: 6,439 Admiral
    I call Photoshop.... ONLY KIDDING

    Ok.... truth is.. Great fish and I am jealous.. :\

    Seriously, great job.. solo no less.

    cheers buddy!

  • StuStu Posts: 165 Deckhand
    Nice Hoo, great day! Did you change your work week? I used to see you out there on Fridays a lot.
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  • moneyshotmoneyshot Posts: 24 Greenhorn
    Need a bigger cooler. Holy mackeral, no, I mean Holy Hooo. Did you use wire on that animal?
  • No CompetitionNo Competition Posts: 413 Officer
    ****, thats a nice hoo!
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  • reef raidareef raida Posts: 244 Officer
    Sweet fish, but I don't understand why you couldn't take pics and catch fish at the same time, AF does it.
  • latitudeajustmentlatitudeajustment Posts: 2,009 Captain
    WOW! I have lost a couple solo so I can only say CONGRATS :R:R-- GREAT CATCHING:\:\:\!
  • ShoelessShoeless Posts: 2,108 Captain
    Thanks for all the props guys!!!!! This was definitely a catch to be remembered!!!
    Stu – I have gone out a few Fridays, but not regularly. I usually hit the water on Saturdays as early as possible to beat the crowd.
    moneyshot – I second that for a larger cooler. I guess I need a bigger boat to go with that cooler. I landed this guy on my Crowder E Series, TLD 25, 50 lb mono, 7 ft. 80 lb floro leader, 6 inch #9 wire, and finish it off with #7 Gamakatsu Circle Hook.
  • Capt_GerryCapt_Gerry Posts: 173 Officer
    Solid hoo. Congrats on the solo run!
    Changin' Latitudes
  • Reel CsReel Cs Posts: 255 Officer
    Well done Captain, Mate and Angler. Enjoy
  • Capt GatorCapt Gator Posts: 11 Greenhorn
    Great Work, enjoy the steaks.
  • fishingbuddiesfishingbuddies Posts: 636 Officer
    Very nice job That's a big one.
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