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Bait around NSB?

Haven't been out in a while and was wondering if there are any bait pods around Ponce. Looking to load up before heading offshore. Thanks.


  • gandrfabgandrfab Posts: 21,685 AG
    Cast netting isn't very productive off shore. Mud minnows and mullet on the back side of disappearing island can be had low tide is more productive.

    I don't have my numbers book with me.
    Follow the charter fleet out about 9 to 12 miles, you will see 6 to 15 boats on the hot bait spot of the morning.
    They will be with in talking distance of each other, most of them know each other.
    easy in and remember those sporty's are big and less maneuverable.
    Drop the sabikis down get your bait and move on.
    Almost always some noob is aggravated, don't be that noob.
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