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PC 6/22-23

Monday's catch was disappointing with mostly ARS in 70'. Did catch 6 nice keeper triggers though. Also a few Sharpnose's with bite marks all over... it's that time again! Also lots of big barracuda are here too.

Tuesday went back to 70', caught several small ARS, 1 trigger, and 4 Sharpnose. Picked up and went out to 120'. Drifted across some marks, caught 4 more small ARS, then more 2 more sharpnose. then a 37" Cobia came up boat side and I threw a live cigar minnow on a white bucktail at him and slammed him in the box! Fished for another hour catching a few lesser amberjacks. Then a giant brown **** came up and I threw a live cigar minnow on chartreuse bucktail at him and after he jerked the gaff out of my hands overboard.... I noodled him into the boat......Best trip of the year so far for me. 50" Cobia.


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