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A friend of mine went to the Stick Marsh this past weekend (Sat). He was surprised at the lack of fisherman there. But after his day was over and only catching one bluegill he found out why. What is up with this place lately? He said the water did not look good and the vegetation look all brown. Also said there looked as if there was construction of some kind going on around the area. Have they recently sprayed for hydrilla or something perhaps? Anyone ? Thanks.

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  • GRIZZLGRIZZL Posts: 822 Officer
    YA..I hear ya. I've been out there a few times since April and hung it up for going back to St Johns. We'd catch 3-4 in the stump fields in the south west corner bumping square bills off the stumps, early in the AM a Zara Spook same area..after sun came up we'd throw some flukes in the holes of matted grass/hydrilla and catch some...nothing big...2-3 pounders...

    We're banging 5-7 pounders on the St Johns flippin....no contest

    I talked to a biologist that was there taking surveys on the bass bite and he said when they dredged SM and Farm 13 they took ALLOT of bass out with the hydrilla...he said the bass bite was way down and he was "trying" to gauge the sitation...there still some good spots that hold larger fish but I don't think THAT action will come back till January...

    When I was there all the boats were grouped in the south end of FM13 along the weed line...REAL CROWDED...I back out to the ditches and fished the submerged hydrilla and irrigation ditches...

    Hopefully it will recover but I'm done with it...the little lake a little to the south (2nd dirt road before SM LAunch) is where everyone is going now. Not catch and release but they didn't dredge it...

    From what it was..you couldn't boat through the hydrilla..but THAT was great for bass fishing
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