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Mahi Kabobs

Made these last week at a bbq party, came out SO GOOD they disappeared before anything else!
Real easy recipe...

First of all, as always if you are going to keep any kind of fish, then you need to properly prep your catch and treat it as FOOD from the moment you take it off the hook!

Kill it as soon as it comes off the hook by sticking a spike (or phillps head screwdriver) in its brain. Then cut the gills and make a slit in its tail (make sure you break the bone so that the blood flows out) and place it in your live well (or in a bucket of seawater, or on a stringer over the side of the boat) to bleed out for 10 mins.
Then put it on ice and keep it cold till you get back to the dock.

Fillet, skin, remove the lateral line, and cut the clean meat into cubes about 1 inch square.

Marinate fish cubes in EVOO, sea salt and black pepper for at least half hour. (more time is even better)

Spear fish cubes onto skewers alternating with fresh (or canned) pineapple chunks and jarred Pepperonchini.
(small Italian hot green peppers in vinegar...available in Publix or any supermarket....Cento makes a good product)

Grill on hot BBQ or in grill pan till fish turns white and starts to flake when tested with a fork. DO NOT overcook it and dry out the fish!

Serve and enjoy as an appetizer as-is, or make a meal out of the kabobs served over some wild rice.
Great flavor combo with the sweetness of the pineapple and the heat of the peppers....really Good Eats!

Finest Kind
Finest Kind


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