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Just bought a Ranger Bay 2300 - want to add forward livewell option.

ShawnQShawnQ Posts: 2 Greenhorn
Hello all,

I just bought a Ranger Bay 2300, 2002 model.

It is equipped with a livewell/baitwell on the port quarter (left rear).

There is a nice rounded tank forward of the console underneath the console seat cushion. I believe this was an optional baitwell on this model. However, my boat does not have this option.

I'm hoping to convert this forward console seat storage compartment into a baitwell with plumbing. Can anyone explain how this baitwell is plumbed from the factory? Better yet, do you have a schematic or part #'s for the pumps?

Any input is appreciated. Worst case I can fill it with a bucket and put bait in it, but I'd rather have it plumbed and recirculated.



  • Ranger2400Ranger2400 Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    Ranger boats tech department keeps great records of the boats they are manufacturing. Contact them directly and they should be able to help. They will even sell directly to their owners replacement parts. Have your hull number available. You don't have to be the original owner.
  • gerrysgerrys Posts: 738 Officer
    I believe that is storage space and not an optional livewell. My 2400 has 3 livewells; one in the forward deck, one in the rear deck and a large one in the leaning post. As mentioned, the compartment in the forward part of the console is for storage.
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