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  • Last-CastLast-Cast Posts: 226 Deckhand
    Any plans for the square Grouper on Friday night?
    Egret 189
    Maverick 17T sold
  • rbtbryanrbtbryan Posts: 99 Deckhand
    Well, after battling winds with Glenn the week of the 23rd, and having some exciting but challenging fishing , I want to hear all about what appeared to be a banner day this Saturday. Winds looked perfect, hopefully the Palalo worm hatch cooperated, and with any luck, the catching was outstanding.
    Sorry I missed you guys, but I had little choice on the dates. All the best.
    Renagade69 wrote: »
    Lets get a head count on who is coming. If you can not go on my new date by all means go the prior weekend. Glen will be there and you will have a great time. Post your dates so we can get a head count.
  • Egrets LandingEgrets Landing Posts: 949 Officer
    Got a Tarpon inshore and then a kingfish off the Wilkes Barr yesterday. When you are solo, its hard to get the camera going, maneuver the boat, fight the fish and keep Harper in line all at the same time.


    Cool sidescan image of the wreck.


    Today conditions were perfect. Fishing for Tarpon but couldnt get them to bite. But found some aggressive Permit instead at the Tarpon spot and they ate the Tarpon fly with no issue...

  • rbtbryanrbtbryan Posts: 99 Deckhand
    Yes, very nice side-scan of the wreck. Do you feel the chirp technology adds any significant definition. It looked like the clarity / brightness was certainly better than the structure scan on its own.

    Glad the Permit spot was better than we experienced the other day. That was eerie, not seeing any significant activity.

    Thanks for the update, and I have been out of town all week, so I will try and download those tracks this weekend.
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