Has anyone else caught, not snagged, manta rays in the St. John's?

Was fishing off a dock today on the river. I was concentrating on trout, reds, etc.
I always throw a heavy duty fish finder rig towards the other side of the river also.
Reel started screaming, I was hoping maybe it was a big red, or possibly a shark.
I've caught enough stingrays to know that something else was on my line. Turned out
To be a manta ray. Probably 3-4 feet from tip to tip. I assumed it was snagged, however,
Was able to bring it to dock. Hook was in mouth, I decided to leave it there, after cutting leader.
Just curious if anyone else has had this happen to them. Was using twenty pound test, on a shimano
Bait runner, with a 50lb leader and a 3/0 kahle hook, with a dead shrimp.


  • Ladder ManLadder Man Posts: 1,157 Officer
    Manta's filter feed plankton from the water column. I have never heard of one eating shrimp off the bottom or anywhere else. Got any pics? My guess is it was a different species.
  • SpongkingSpongking Posts: 959 Officer
    Maybe a wayward cow nosed ray or something. Either way very weird if not a stingray of some type.
  • Snatch-UmSnatch-Um Posts: 1,298 Officer
    Did offshore once....must have ran into it with the trolling lead and high speed lure during the wahoo shootout..THAT WAS NOT A FUN FIGHT! It was easily 10-12 ft wide, my back was done after that.
  • CoolBreezCoolBreez Posts: 12 Greenhorn
    Caught a spotted eagle ray on a freelined mud minnow outside the mouth of Oak Harbor a few years back.
  • Mark O.Mark O. Posts: 3,401 Captain
    Another Spotted eagle ray here...maybe 3.5 " wingspan...at the jetties...Clark spoon snagged him...fought him and got him close enough to get my spoon back. He was pretty docile for such a big fish.
  • NaClWaterNaClWater Posts: 7 Greenhorn
    I appreciate the responses. With all due respect, in my opinion, there is no mistaking a manta ray from others.
    The reason I began this post, was due to how unlikely an event it was. Definitely should have taken pictures, but was alone on dock, and was more concerned with releasing safely. However, I am willing to accept the possibility it swam into the line, resulting in hooking itself. Events like this are one of the reasons I love fishing, you never know what is going to happen out there. Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend.
  • sicksecbeamersicksecbeamer Posts: 191 Deckhand
    actually we just got back from fishing the St John's today up by Clapboard creek and i caught a manta ray on half a crab....everyone on the boat was surprised.

    it was hooked on his lip and the crab was gone so I'm not sure if it would of been a swim into the line deal.

    what a fight tho!
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  • LouDLouD Posts: 128 Deckhand
    Spoke to a crew at the Mayport gas dock who had just hooked a large manta ray -in the mouth- at the dry dock at the junction of the intercostal and the river. they said it dragged them around for a while and eventually the line broke. Said it was about 4 feet across.
  • DebartDebart Posts: 56 Greenhorn
    A few years ago some lady hooked one, again in the mouth, off the Jax beach pier she said she was using a small pogy. 'Bout 3 1/2-4 feet across.
  • johnncashjohnncash Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    We had this strip our reel almost dry last weekend just off the little jetties. We had a dead 5" mullet on the line. There was a boat about 100 yards away that had one on about an hour before this one.
  • osprey11osprey11 Posts: 901 Officer
    Those are devilrays. A smaller type of manta. They will eat meat.

    Hobbit free zone!!

  • osprey11osprey11 Posts: 901 Officer
    Great pic!

    Hobbit free zone!!

  • sicksecbeamersicksecbeamer Posts: 191 Deckhand
    that is an awesome pic!! that is what i snagged yesterday then we got him boat side before we realized what it was
    Joshie Squashie :signs:machinegun
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  • SnaphappySnaphappy Posts: 1,404 Officer
    Great pic!!
  • Ladder ManLadder Man Posts: 1,157 Officer
    osprey11 wrote: »
    Those are devilrays. A smaller type of manta. They will eat meat.


    I didn't realize there were two different kinds of mantas, neat.
  • jonesz28jonesz28 Posts: 84 Deckhand
    My friend snagged one one boat on Sunday morning in the Mayport inlet. That thing went crazy jumping completely out of the water
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