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5/30/15 ICW Trip

Set out today out of Beach Marine around 6:45 A.M, (delighted the rain was far away) in hopes of bagging some early morning topwater reds and/or trout. Got nothing but one crash behind my son's skitterwalk and it was real silent.:huh We then moved to a little spot just outside Oak Harbor, but those dang little Rock Bass (or bank sea bass) kept wasting our bait. So as we're contemplating on whether to move spots or not, we see a storm coming our way, and fast. But as we're getting ready to move under the Wonderwood for shelter, our anchor gets stuck :banghead But by the time we get it free, everybody and their brother decides to have the same idea for shelter. We then anchor up, bracing ourselves for the downpour, when the rain miraculously disperses:angel But as we're leaving, I spotted a big drop off on the fish finder. Why not, we'd had nothing but bad luck the whole day so far. we drop anchor and start to fish, and my other son shouts "Fish On!" and from the way it's pulling, it ain't nothing too small. He brings in what turns out to be a red of legal looking size, but, oh joy! we had no measurement tool on the boat :banghead Forced to release it, we left that spot without another nibble. We drove around for the next half hour or so when my son spies a nice mudflat, littered with finger mullet(now would be a good time to mention we had also forgotten a cast net) and fished there for about an hour with something eating our mud minnows. So my son gets smart and tosses a float rig with a frisky mudminnow and lets it drift for 10 minutes when it dunks under with force. He fights it for a bit, thinking it's a red (we had seen one tailing earlier) it surfaces through the chocolate milk water. And there floating on the surface, lies and 18 inch flounder!
Not a bad day, esp. with nice early morning cloud cover.


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