Tripletail question

Anybody ever seen them on a shoreline?? I had one roll on a fluke today on a shoreline and it really caught me off guard. Everything I thought about them just went out the window. Is that a rare thing? I know they like crab trap markers, and not 100 yards from the shoreline there were crab traps, but it was probably only 3' where the boat was floating and definitely no more than 2' where I saw it on the shoreline. Anybody got an answer? Didn't catch the fish as all I had was a fluke and no shrimp.


  • APEAPE Posts: 973 Officer
    I have caught them in less than 5 feet of water but I was not near the shore line. They will hit artificial lures but I have always had better luck with shrimp or cut bait like mullet.
  • StandOutI2StandOutI2 Posts: 544 Officer
    Buddy of mine said he sees them all the time on the shoreline in yankeetown. But yeah I know what you mean about the live bait thing, unfortunately I didn't have anything but artificials on board.
  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 9,962 Moderator
    Seen them just off the beach in Venice but not here.
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  • Jim311Jim311 Posts: 4,929 Captain
    I'd say that's pretty rare. They will definitely eat artificials though, I just caught one on a mirrodine.
  • MelbourneMarkMelbourneMark Posts: 2,023 Captain
    I got a little guy near a shoreline a few months back, over here on the east coast. I was idling a shoreline and saw him floating on the surface, just drifting with the tide/current. My assumption is that they do this until they find floating debris to hang out under. So, the one you saw could have been just floating till he found debris or ran into shore, which ever comes first?

    I have caught them on doa shrimp before, but live bait is much better chances.
  • KeatonBchFisherKeatonBchFisher Posts: 297 Officer
    I have seen them a couple times running through Withlacoochee Bay in less than 3' but they were laying around crab trap buoys.
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