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A BIG Thank You for having the best reports!!! (Morocco Madness & Slug-O)

First off, I have been a long time lurker on the forums (10+ years). I posted for a little while under a different username up in the Northwest section of the site since that's where my boat is normally in the water. Last week I was down with my wife's family in the Jacksonville area. We decided to trailer the boat and take her dad fishing. I hoped to find some decent info over here in the Northeast section... I didn't find decent info... I struck GOLD! Or should I say RED.

Morocco_madness and Slug-O both posted incredible info about the little jetties. I read their posts 20 times to make sure I had the right info and headed to the tackle shop. We geared up, put the boat in the water and headed to where they said the fish were. We did exactly what they said do... I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Right at 50"!!!

Thanks you guys for taking the time and sharing great info!


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