DIY Live well Question

Xentrik1Xentrik1 Posts: 102 Officer
Does anyone know what sized pet food container people are using for the live wells? I see they have a 40lb with the angled opening and a 35 or 50 with the opening on the top. I see most people using the one with the angled opening but it seems like there would not be much water in that, though it would obviously be easier to get the bait out. Also, I came across this on Amazon

It seems like it might be a great alternative to a 12V setup, and would be a pretty easy setup. Has anyone else seen or tried that?


  • Xentrik1Xentrik1 Posts: 102 Officer
    I see as I look at the pics again that the put the angled part on top so I'm thinking the 40ld one will be good but there is also a bigger one with the angled opening. Still welcome opinions on angled vs straight opening though
  • timmcollinstimmcollins Posts: 842 Officer
    Xentrik1 wrote: »
    Also, I came across this on Amazon

    What is that?Looks like a small pump. If you could configure the pickup easily looks feasible. You could also use it as a small wash down pump for cleaning inside your yak after a messy catch.
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    Post the link so we can better understand how it works.
  • Xentrik1Xentrik1 Posts: 102 Officer
    Ya it could act as a Bilge/washdown/recirculator for live well
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