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Shallow Cobia and Grouper Hot Bite in Crystal River

Saturday May 23 we launched out of Crystal river river to go hit some near shore rocks and look for cruising cobes. A little bit rough on the way out but the first line that hit the water hooked up almost immediately and we landed a shorty cobia at 31". So we deployed the chum ,anchored up and sent out 2 more pin fish. Not to long before gags started slamming everything we put in the water which was a blast on medium weight spinning tackle in 10ft of water. We doubled up on these 2 in the pic and snapped it because of the crazy color difference of the fish on the same rock. After the grouper slowed down the sharks showed up and then we got what we came for a monster cobe slammed a grunt in the chum line and started scorching the 4000 penn reel. 15 minutes later with a snapped rod and frayed nerves we boated this 53 inch beauty. The ride in was a lot better and the sea had settled down which has seemed to be the pattern for the last week or so. Great day on the water!!
Eat, sleep, breath, dream, live... FISH!!


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