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Saddle Creek Bassin'

Decided to take a short break from salt and do a little bass fishing. Ventured over to Lakeland Wednesday to fish Saddle Creek. It is a huge phosphate pit with islands and very deep water...26 feet deep in spots at least. Definitely different fishing. So launch around 10:30am. Water temp is 85 and got to 90 later in the day. Air temp was also very hot. It was so hot that my Crocs shrunk sitting on the floor of the boat and it was hard to put them back on.

Long story short it was a tough day. I didn't get a bite for 2 hours. I was trying everything...plastic worms, jigs, crankbaits, spinnerbaits and everything I could think of. I finally caught a dink bass on a while trick worm in the shade around 12:30pm. It wasn't till almost 4 1/2 hours later when I caught another small bass on the same lure. Why did I want to take a break from the salt life for this? I was contemplating leaving, but thought it might get better with an approaching storm and evening coming.

Actually got a couple of more strikes right after that, but I missed them. Small bass. So it's just after 5pm. The heat is oppressive. The bite is tough. Sweating bullets and my back is killing me. I cast out my trick worm on a point. I work it a bit and lean forward to ease the tension in my back. I begin to reel in and my line is coming to me. I set the hook and a big bass has taken my bait. After a nice battle, I get her in the net. It was a short fish, but the girth on her was amazing. Freakish! She weighed 7lbs. 3 oz.

I ended up working it till dark and only caught 2 more small bass. I did lose a couple other small ones, including one I jerked over the boat on the hook-set and another on a crankbait. Not a great or even a good day by any means, but I did catch one nice bass.
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