Fort Pierce Back Country... Tarpon, Snook, Redfish

Made my way back from another semester at Texas A&M the other week to begin quick summer back here on the Treasure Coast! Winds were up and the crowds were out last Sunday so I took the Slayer and hit a couple of my old back country haunts, as summer is the time when the baby poons tend to show up in numbers! Also, if anyone is looking for a good reliable source for wind speed and direction information I would highly suggest I have been using it for about a year or so now and find it to be reasonably accurate and helpful when deciding where and how to fish on any particular day.

Paddled my way into the spot around 8:00 am and immediately on the first cast loose a 30"+ snook along with my Super Spook Jr! Moved on to where the tarpon hold to find a few rolling fish, a welcome sight after three months in Texas. Had a couple bites on fly before I was able to stick a decent fish and bring it in the yak after a few jumps.


Jumped two more little poons, one of which cleared my bow in flight! Managed to hook into a small sword spine snook while blind casting to rolling poons which added some variety to the morning and slight redemption for the fish I lost that morning...


Picked up a redfish as I began to make my exit out of my spot, blind casting every mangrove shoreline with a topwater, hoping to hook a snook as grand as the one who had left me in despair earlier. It had just stopped raining, hence the dark skies and rain pants in this pic.


Making it back to the launch with plenty of motivation left, I decided to drive to another spot sheltered from the wind and see if I could pick up a few more reds or even an elusive 30" snook! Grabbed lunch and got to the next spot which is no more than a two foot split in a mangrove shoreline. Following the small ditch and contorting my body around mangrove limbs, I emerged into the small bay greeted by a school of rolling tarpon. My fly rod being in four pieces for travel, I grabbed my spinner with DOA and fired out among them. Shortly after one went airborne with my DOA lodged in is jaw! As always a great fight and show before landing for the picture!


Hooked into a monster red on fly shortly after only to have him take my fly in all of about five seconds due to a log! I was pleased to see our water in the river is fairly clear for now as it seems we have not had too much rain yet and the fish were active around the new moon cycle. It was a great first day back on the home waters!

Also made a trip down to Flamingo this week to camp and fish that went well. The snake bight No Motor Zone had plenty of big over size redfish to play with on fly and spin. I would share the story in this thread however I took the easy road by taking the skiff as opposed to the yak! I will post the ENP report in the Southeast section if anyone is planning on heading that way soon.


Till next time,
Joe Harrison


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