ft.pierce offshore reef sizes

I hope to not catch too much slack for this...

Basically, I got a lot of #s for Ft.pierce offshore and gave it a shot yesterday. Granted the seas were a little much for my tiny 19 bay boat... so I settled for 'near' shore.

My question is, the few reefs we hit within 10 miles seemed pretty small in size. I did see structure, but compared to my old stomping grounds, the reefs seemed extremely small. I've got more #s, and plan to get to all of them when I catch a nice/calm day. But the 2-3 we hit yesterday were almost a waste. Pulled a 27" cobe off the middle water column but nothing to brag about off the bottom. The sonar showed very small structure...

I'm sure the other #s I have are/have been hit pretty regularly by the hardcore angler... so, is there some decent sized reefs out there?



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