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Carp flies

floridascubafloridascuba Posts: 94 Deckhand
Fishing some local ponds, I see some nice sized carp. Is there a fly that can entice them to bite?


  • mnigromnigro Posts: 73 Deckhand
    If they are grass carp, those are tough fish to intice. If they are feeding on berries or seeds that get blown into the water, you can try to match those.

    Common carp, and to a much lesser degree - grass carp, will eat trout nymphs. Up north they'll even take crayfish.
  • Wicked-FlyWicked-Fly Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    google carp flies and you'll get the idea, but they anything and everything, just not at the same time. they are very picky eaters. you need to know what naturals they are eating in the ponds and match it. if they are mudding up the bottom, probably sucking up little nymphs or something. if on top, prob eating berries, etc. good luck man post some pics
  • floridascubafloridascuba Posts: 94 Deckhand
    The last group I saw looked to be eating the lily pads or something off of them. I was bass fishing at that time and paid it no mind.
  • Permit RatPermit Rat Posts: 2,283 Captain
    If I wanted to target carp, I would first see if I could get them to target a specific food like a fish chow...some kind of floating pellet. Hopefully not dough balls that you'd have to make yourself. If they'll eat them, then tie a fly to match. I used to tie a trout pellet fly out of a sort of spun liver-colored elk hair for use in Missouri. You always knew when the stocking truck had just come by.....the trout would eat this pellet fly and nothing else. On a different level, this technique might work for carp too. But you gotta educate your fish first.
  • hipshothipshot Posts: 27 Greenhorn
    I've never tried it myself, but some of the locals here use a "coffee bean fly" to catch carp. I'm told they file a notch in it with a hacksaw blade, fill the notch with superglue, and glue it to the hook shank. I hear they work pretty well........
  • tbd108tbd108 Posts: 15 Greenhorn
    In Pennsylvania I used a bread fly in public water where people fed the carp bread. I used long shank, wide gap hook and craft foam layered in different colors to represent bread and crust. Works great if they are conditioned to that type of feeding.
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